What I'm Loving on Friday - The Party Dress

[Ok, I know you didn't really want a baby's butt shoved in your face today.... but come on - kind of adorable.]

The Party Dress (ThePartyDress.net)

I'm a party girl through and through. It began with overblown slumber/birthday parties where I invited my entire class (and always fell asleep first). Everything had to be perfect, from the favors to the games to the cake. I was a Prima Donna party princess to the core. Once I hit college, my idea of the perfect party devolved into "How many kegs are gonna be there?" but I still appreciated any kind of decoration/theme, which would inevitably be soaked in beer/shredded to bits by the end of the night.

In the past few months I've really gotten into party planning/dreaming about party planning. I love the idea of transforming an everyday space into something whimsical, fun and all tied-together. Unfortunately I have a lack of both funds and events to plan (both necessary objects), so I basically just spend my time browsing event-planning web sites. Fortunately, I have an amazing friend, Jillian (who also has a major passion for party planning) who steered me in the direction of ThePartyDress.net.

One look and I was hooked. From children's parties to bridal showers to family reunions, weddings and more, this site is a party-planner's Disneyland. Inspiration abounds on every page, and I'm eating up everything like a wedding guest at a candy buffet (yeah... they've got those too).

The site makes me want to have a child just so I can throw a birthday party for it. (And then hand it off to somebody else immediately after....)

Browse, enjoy, salivate.... and just try to get through the first few pages before wanting to host a perfectly-pitched get together of your own.

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