What I'm Loving on Monday - The Day Off

The Day Off

It's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and luckily I work for a company that commemorates this day by giving its employees a holiday. There's something about a work-holiday that makes it feel a little more special than a weekend day. I feel like there are 42 hours in the day, and I want to pack as much "me" time as I can into it. I planned on sleeping in about half hour later today, but actually woke up a half hour earlier than I normally do. I felt completely rested, so that was fine with me. I've already had my Multi-Grain Cheerios, coffee and also worked in a really invigorating Power Pilates workout - and it's not even 9 a.m.! 

I'm going to take advantage of the rest of my free day by doing some sewing (I've got a really cute apron pattern to get going), walking to Brady Street to grab some lunch and then HOPEFULLY getting some shopping done! I've got Christmas gift cards that are just burning in my wallet. I feel so energized - this long weekend was definitely needed!

I'm not foreseeing a drive around the city in my dad's sports car, or a Beatles-sing-a-long parade down Wisconsin Avenue, but while Rachel's Day Off may not be John Hughes' idea of a dream holiday, I'm going to enjoy my free time like a teenager on ditch day.

I'd also like to address why some of us are fortunate to have the day off; obviously, it is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. While we enjoy this day off of work or school, take some time to meditate on the extraordinary man this day is in remembrance of. He work tirelessly for equal rights when racial tension was high in the country. His life was cut short, but his message lives on. 

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