What I'm loving on Saturday - DIY Hidden Jewelry Box on Design Sponge

DIY Hidden Jewelry Box (via Design Sponge)

I'm loyal to a handful of different blogs. These blogs are all across the board, from crafting to fitness & nutrition to web comics and music blogs - I am an eclectic lady in my tastes, obviously. However, there is one that sits atop my list of must-visits: Design Sponge. I have gotten so many inspirations from this blog when it comes to apartment decorating, rehabbing old materials into perfectly posh pieces and more. They update really frequently (we're talking a few times a day), and I adore nearly every post I see.

Today, I came across this tutorial for making a hidden jewelry box behind a hanging painting and I was floored - what a GREAT idea! As a pack rat (no, not a budding hoarder, as my boyfriend would say....), I've got a lot of junk treasures lying around, waiting to be stored in an organized manner. I've got a jewelry stand sitting on my dresser, which I rather like, but I love the idea of keeping jewelry out of sight. I'm the kind of person who likes hanging art in the bathroom, and I think this is a perfect place to incorporate the hidden jewelry box.

I'm going to add this to the list of crafts I've got on my plate. Will it get done? I hope so.... but we'll see (still working on the same apron I started sewing two weeks ago). If anyone else tries their hand on it, show me pictures! I'd love to see it in action!

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