What I'm Loving on Sunday - Organ Piper Pizza

Organ Piper Pizza

Last night, I ventured out to a Milwaukee-area institution I'd never been to before, but had heard great things about: Organ Piper Pizza. Located in Greenfield, this unique, astoundingly family-friendly restaurant is a treat for all the senses. Their thin-crust pizza (we chose the Milwaukee special - sausage, onion and mushrooms) is delicious - crispy, cracker-thin crust adorned with generous toppings. But the showcase for this venue is the Mighty Wurlitzer, a MASSIVE organ system with "30 ranks or sets of pipes" displayed behind a large picture window for all patrons to see. They've got a rigged percussion section set up near the picture window (which we were so thankfully seating directly under...), as well as a xylophone, also rigged up to the organ. My ultimate favorite, though, was the gauntlet of wooden ducks lining one of the walls; they never failed to make me laugh. As each instrument is featured, a spotlight shines to direct the patrons' attention to their show.

There is a rotation of organists each night. We were hoping to see Dean Rosco, who is the official organist for the Milwaukee Brewers (and also, as we learned, plays nationally at roller skating competitions...), but he plays only on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. However, we were impressed by the 22-year old organ PHENOM from Lake Geneva, by the name of Zach. Another featured organist is one of my favorites, Ralph Conn, whose organ playing is the reason I show up 20 minutes early to Saturday-night movies at the Oriental Theater on Farwell. 

Sure, we were essentially the only people there who either weren't over 60 or chaperoning a group of children (well.. technically; Our friend is currently five months pregnant, so there's a little kid somewhere inside there), but it was definitely a treat. My inner-child crept out as my wide eyes sparkled in the twinkling lights, signaling the finale of each song (I was especially tickled with the Disney montage). I laughed uproariously at the flat quacks of the duck flock. I cheered along as a Raggedy Ann doll magically flipped over a hanging metal bar. I spilled beer all over my leg!

It was a fun night and a fully unique experience. The kind of place a kid would consider a playground and my parents would think is just "so neat." If you're looking for a night full of good eats, fun kitsch and musical classics, check out Organ Piper Pizza. Just don't pick the table under the drum set.

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