What I'm Loving on Sunday - Rain


I am the kind of lady whose mood greatly reflects the state of the weather conditions outside; spry and bubbly in the sunshine and dark and bleak in stormy times. Today, however, it's a drizzly, gray January day, and I couldn't be happier. You see, I am a master napper on Sundays, especially during football season when the Bengals aren't on TV (which, in Wisconsin, is hardly ever), and today's dreary weather couldn't make for better napping conditions. I'm shooting for a marathon snooze today, hoping for something near two to three hours of solid napness. Just enough to get me out of cleaning the apartment, but not too much to where I feel like I missed my Sunday off completely. For once, the rain is really making my day. 

Here's to everyone's naps today. May they be steady and snoreful.

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