What I'm loving on Thursday - Studio Mela

Studio Mela

As someone who has recently gotten into crafting (SO many projects are lined up for me this weekend), I'm an appreciator of all things handmade and well-designed. Add a splash of "super cute" into the mix and you got me - I'm yours.

Today, I am totally, 100% all-in on Studio Mela. I stumbled across a couple of her designs while browsing through Etsy and instantly fell head-over-heels for her cheery, doodle-style, adorable prints. I've got my eye on pretty much everything she's designed, but am especially smitten with the So Very Happy print (to be hung in my bedroom, near my brand-new sewing machine) and "Wee Town". I am obsessing over her whimsical drawings and fabulous use of color and mix-and-match fonts. Check out her web site as well as her Etsy shop, and just bask in the sea of warm fuzzies. 

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