What I'm loving on Wednesday - The Unwich

[I am not aware what kind of sub this is. It is not the Beach Club,
and therefore, I cannot recommend this product. But you get the idea]

The Unwich

The Dead Sea Scrolls are currently at the Milwaukee Public Museum and I went there to see them recently. They're super old and most people can't read anything on them, but luckily I am a scholar of ancient Hebrew documents and therefore managed to make out one passage. It had to do with the time of Creation, and here is my (rough) translation: "On the seventh day, God rested... right after he created the #12 Beach Club at Jimmy John's. And it was goooooood."

Possibly one of God's finest creations, aside from celebrity chef Curtis Stone, is the #12 Beach Club at Jimmy John's. It's got turkey. It's got sprouts. It's got avacado. It's got a bunch of other stuff on there but the amalgamation of all these products results in one delicious feast for the senses. Another thing it's got, however, is a hefty amount of calories for anyone who's trying to lose weight (729.35 calories and 30.67 grams of fat... Which isn't terrible, compared to a Big Mac and large fries, but it's at least 300 calories away from my lunchtime comfort zone).

This is where the Unwich comes in. Sure, it may be sacrelige to forego the tasty, chewy, perfectly soft Jimmy John's french bread (I can't be certain; I didn't get to that part in the Scrolls), but if you're willing to make the sacrifice, your waistline and your tastebuds will not suffer. The Unwich is Jimmy John's way of offering you any of their delicious subs without the bread and instead wrapped in a big ol' lettuce leaf. They warn you to "NEVER unwrap it" and for Please sake, DON'T. Keep it wrapped in the handy paper wrapping and tear it down as you make your way through the tasty interior. Though it may be a little more messy and a little more work, it's still quite scrumptious, and, if you hold the mayo like me, it comes in at only 199 calories and 9.78 grams of fat (mostly from the provolone cheese).

BAM! A tasty meal from one of my favorite quick lunch stops, and under 200 calories. Treat yourself to some Jimmy's Skinny Chips and you've still got a mostly-healthy meal. Because of the deli-style turkey, it's got a bit more sodium than I'd normally like to intake (759.47 mg), but I'm not eating this every day... so... whatever. Don't make it an every-day meal.

BUT it's a great alternative to a boring knife-and-fork salad. Swap the Unwich for the bread-style-sub three out of four times (cause sometimes you just gotta get your fix of the "good" stuff) and you're still on track to being healthy while still keeping satisfied.

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