What I'm Loving on Monday - Adorable Sneak Peek (via d*s)

[Seriously. Can I move in right now?]

Adorable Sneak Peek (via d*s)

All the way back on Saturday I posted about my love for Design Sponge. In one visit, on the very first post I looked at today, they did it again: they made my jaw drop.

Occasionally Design Sponge will feature a "sneak peek" into the home of someone who is typically a professional designer or stylist. The person in question shares professional photos of their home and, room-by-room, describes their thoughts and reasoning behind their own decorating personality.

Today's subject was Emily Hensen, a prop stylist and decorator, who lives with her husband, two children, two dogs and two cats in a 700-square foot bungalow in LA. Talk about making the most out of a small space! Take a gander at the sneak peek in its entirety to understand just how swoon-worthy her home is.

The space Emily's created in her home is absolutely adorable. It's eclectic and fun and cheery whimsical. It's as if she sat her children down with a 96-color box of crayons and said, "Here... dream up a house and show it what it looks like." Which, oddly enough, is what my dream house would look like (trust me... one of my living room walls is painted chartreuse. I've got a lavender dining room table with a child's painting of a bunch of brightly-colored leaves hanging above it).

I'm a firm believer that if you put yourself in a fun space, the more likely you are to have fun ideas. Just think of all the superbly creative thoughts that have been imagined in this home! I'm in total house-love. It truly shows what you can do in any space, on any budget if you've got some creativity, a little elbow grease and some chalkboard paint.

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