What I'm loving on Wednesday - Mikey Burton Designs

Mikey Burton Designs

I was loafing around on the Interwebs last night, seeing what some of my favorite designs blogs were telling me I should love next when I found it - something I loved. 

I came across Mikey Burton's "Don't Lose Heart" coasters and swooned. I'm a born-and-raised Ohio girl who, since moving from my homestate nearly two years ago, has gained boatloads of Ohio ("The Heart of It All!") pride. I'm pining for these coasters SO hard. I love their design, I love their slogan and I love how Buckeye-proud it is.

Now, while I may bleed Scarlet and Gray, my new hometown of Milwaukee is my favorite city on this whole, wide world. So imagine my excitement when I came across Burton's gig poster design for a Wilco show at The Pabst! This poster rocks for a few reasons 1) It's mustard-yellow, a color I have been obsessing over for some time now. 2) Wilco has been one of my tried and trues for a while - a fab band who chose Milwaukee's own Von Trier rooftop (as well as an ironically-misplaced camel) as the cover photo for their latest album. 3) THEY INCORPORATE THE BAND NAME INTO A BIG-ASS BEER MUG.  I love it.

These are just a couple of Mikey Burton's designs that are near and dear to my heart. Not impressed? Take one look at his redesigned covers for classic books series and I bet he's won you over. As a super-talented Buckeye whose slightly quirky, very spunky design style is right up my alley, Mikey Burton has a fan in me.

Now who's gonna gift me those coasters?

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