What I'm loving on Saturday - Brother Visits

[This is a photo of my brother and I the very first time I visited Milwaukee. Newly 21 years old (and blonde!). I don't know where I found that hard hat, but I'm sure it came in handy throughout the night.]

Brother Visits

Back in April of 2006, I planned a trip to go visit my big brother in Milwaukee. He was in his first year of law school at Marquette University, and I wanted to see the new town where he was having so much fun.

My brother lived on Milwaukee's East Side (literally just one block from where I currently live), and he treated me to a full-on college-kid Milwaukee experience: A tailgate and game at Miller Park (Brewers vs. Reds! Back then, I sported all Reds gear. I discovered just last year that my love for the Brewers had eclipsed my love for a team I had cheered for in my previous 23 years... Now, when the Reds are in town, I feel torn, but I can't help but cheer for the Crew), a stop at Trinity and the Harp, a late night at Victor's, my one and only visit to our dear departed Pizza Man and a showing at the Oriental Theater.

There was something about the city that I loved. It had a vibrance and an attitude that seemed to fit me so well. I felt instantly comfortable in Milwaukee, and everyone I met was as kind and as fun as can be.

Over his next three years at Marquette, I tried to visit at least once a year. My brother and I are a typical cause of the siblings to loathe each other growing up, but as soon as he went off to college, we became really close. We continue getting closer, and we're currently proud to boast we are absolutely the #1 Brother-Sister combo in the nation.

Two years ago, I was in a major, major crossroads in my life. Nothing was going as planned, and I was basically just existing. I knew I needed a change, and I knew I wouldn't get one unless I started the slate clean. I needed to challenge myself. I needed to get out to get back in. I thought of all the places I could see myself living, and, interestingly enough, Milwaukee was the first that came to mind. I heavily pursued  and was accepted to the job where I now work. Two weeks later after accepting the job, I was living in on the East Side in Milwaukee, but my brother had graduated, and was now living at home. He moved out of the city just one week before I moved in. I knew only a small, small handful of people here, but it was the breathe of fresh lake air that I needed.

And now, I am proud to call Milwaukee my hometown. I'm happy to call it my favorite place on Earth. And now, my brother is coming here, visiting me.

That was really a long, winded way to mention that my brother is here for the next two days, but I feel that the background behind the story is what makes it really special. Rob is the one who made me fall in love with the city. He is one of the most fun-loving, charismatic, fly-my-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda dudes I know. I'm excited to have him back in town, and this time, I'll be the one showing him around the city.

And, no, I don't think we'll be visiting Victor's.

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