What I'm Loving on Tuesday - Liberty of London for Target

[I managed to score a few items, including the pink swim suit pictured above]

Liberty of London for Target

I'm kind of a pattern nerd.

You could slap a cute pattern with vibrant colors on a toilet and I'd gobble it up (figuratively, of course). So, upon my first gaze of the Target commercials introducing their collboration with Liberty of London, in those few seconds my eyes feasted upon the pretty florals, the pops of pink, the gorgeous patterns that jumped off the TV screen, I knew I was in for a spending spree come March 14th.

The line was introduced into Target stores on Sunday, and when I thought I could make it until Monday to hit up my local Target to snatch up some eye-candy, I was dead wrong. Even checking Target.com, so many of the products are already out of stock. People have been absolutely gobbling up anything Liberty of London has placed upon Target's virtual and actual shelves. If you check online, about 85% of the Liberty of London line is sold out.

I had my heart set on a two-tiered dessert stand, but it was not in the store and not online. So I had to settle. You know, only for a new pillow, swim suit, picture frame, 3-set mixing bowls, bra, undies and a clutch. And that's only after I made myself put a few things away...

I wasn't even looking for a swim suit (I usually prolong that process well into June...), but on a whim I tried on the one pictured above and was pleasantly surprised (it covered my whole ass! Seriously! Score!). And ladies, you know once you find a swim suit that doesn't make you want to barf under those flourescent lights, you must. have. it.

I'm kind of bummed that most of Liberty of London's products are already sold out at Target, but that goes to show there are some pretty style-savvy babes out there who like to save a buck. Target does no wrong in my book. They know what the design-minded want and the produce time and time again. And their collaboration with Liberty of London may be my favorite yet.

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