What I'm Loving on Friday - Cleaning Out Closets

[Yes, because we all clean our closets while wearing yellow heels.]
Cleaning Out Closets

If you know me personally, you are probably ROFLing right now, in a fit at the sight of my saying I enjoy anything about the cleaning process. But I swear it's not just because every time we watch "Hoarders," my boyfriend warns me that is how our apartment will look if I keep holding onto cardboard boxes because, well, "what if we need to mail a package to someone sometime??"

Over the past week, I have been slowly digging through my dresser drawers and closets, purging them of anything that's just taking up space and that I'll never wear again. While my t-shirt drawer downsized a fraction of the size I would have liked (you can never have too many t-shirts! What if I need an old shirt to paint in or something?!?! Stop looking at me like that!), I was able to let go of a lot in my closets that I haven't worn in ages.

Folks, I was still holding onto stuff I had IN HIGH SCHOOL. And not even just senior year of high school. We're talking a shirt I got from Delia's (Yeah.) when I was 16. I've got pants old enough to have seen Jesse Camp win MTV's "I Wanna be a VJ" competition. These clothes were manufactured in a different century, kiddos. They had to go.

I also dumped about 10 pair of pants that are way too big for me and I intend to keep it that way. See ya, fat clothes, you're not welcome back!

I now have decent space in my closets and empty hangers, just screaming at me to fill (hopefully not with trends that only last one season. Like the cloth gaucho pants I threw away this week... Gauchos? Come on girls, why did we ever allow those to come back???). It will be a relief to dump the bags off at Goodwill, never to be seen again. It's so nice to now look into my closets and say "I really, really like about 95% of all of you. And I will be seeing you soon."

Now I just gotta clear out the shoes....

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