What I'm loving on Saturday - Daily Mile

Daily Mile

So, by now we all are aware that I'm back into running and enjoying every second of it. I'm slowly building up my miles, and at this point I think my "double digits by the end of summer" is going to be "double digits by the end of June." This is something I am proud of.

Another tool (besides my lovely Garmin Forerunner 305) that's been helping with my progress is Daily Mile, a social media site (yeah, like we need one more, right?) for exercisers. Daily Mile has quickly become maybe my favorite social media site for one BIG reason - the warm fuzzies people dish out in a snap. You post your workout for the day (run, cycle, fitness workout, hike, etc.) along with the miles you put in an the time, and it seems like within minutes, people are commenting on how well you're doing. It's the ultimate motivation for any exerciser, and it's so amazing to feel that these people you barely know are rooting you on. 

Another thing I love about Daily Mile is that you can track other people's workouts. If you're just not feeling it that day and you log on and see all the miles your friends are putting in, you immediately want to get out and put in just as much work (that is, if you are a fitness-competitive freak, such as myself). I love comparing mileage and pace with other people, which just pushes me to go faster and be stronger. This may not be the intended purpose of Daily Mile, but some of us need competition to motivate us further....

Lastly, if you want another reason to enjoy Daily Mile, you have people you follow who do awesome things like this (pay attention to the runner's name, and the map of the course he ran), that just make your day and realize that, in the end, you can win all the trophies on Earth, but if you're not having fun with it, you're running for all the wrong reasons.

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