Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon Photos

Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon Photos

A couple days ago, I promised I'd share a few of the favorite photos I took at Sunday's Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon. I had such an amazing time capturing the event. While I don't have the talent of the professional, official race photographers, I certainly felt professional! I think a couple of the runners thought I was official, too, as they made certain to wave, smile and show me their bib numbers as they ran by. All the extra interaction made for an incredibly fun day - a day that flew by!

But as for now, I'll let the photos do the talking!

[Just after the starting gun went off. All those dudes in the front? Those are the fasties. You can see race winner Scotty Jansky in the middle-left - the tall guy with the white singlet and black shorts.]


[The very patient, yet super enthusiastic water station volunteers from a local cross country team. You can see how chilly it was that morning!]


[This was one of the runners who thought I was a professional photog! He made sure to wave extra wide and smile extra big for the camera. He looked like her was having a great time!]

[This is definitely in my top three of photos taken that day. Krista and Anne had just spotted Sarah and Cheryl cheering them on. They skipped and screamed all the way up and stopped to give them BIG hugs at the 11-mile marker.]

[The essential "Must include at least one photo of the Calatrava in a Milwaukee-themed photo shoot" shot.]

[One of my top three photos of the day. Krista and Anne were SO excited to see Sarah and Cheryl cheering them on - they skipped all the way up to them and stopped to share hugs.]

[Nearing Veteran's Park, just about two miles to the finish line.]

[The essential "Must include a shot of the Calatrava within a photo about Milwaukee" shot.]

[This little boy was going absolutely nuts the entire time I was standing near him. Just running around, clanging his bell and cheering so sincerely for every runner that passed. He really captured the spirit of the day!]

[This adorable little girl was working so diligently to finish her sign before her mom crossed the finish line.]

[Trying to catch a glimpse of the Hoan Bridge in the background. At the finish line.]

[Simply the most inspiring photo of the day. Jenny Crain is the woman in the wheelchair. A former Olympic marathon hopeful, she was severely injured after getting hit by a car in 2007. Just this year she has been allowed to participate in races. She still has the competitor's spirit. Olympian Anne Marie Letko pushed her three miles to the finish.]

[Hands down my favorite photo of the day. This girl was SO excited when she saw her mom running to the finish. She worked her little heart out on that sign. And how about that *adorable* little outfit??]

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