The Wisconsin Outline MKE Card

Wisconsin Outline MKE Card

Isn't the card pictured above adorable? I've seen a few tattoos around Bay View and the East Side that look similar to this, but the little, pink heart marking Milwaukee's location in the state really sets it apart. You can find it at Broadway Paper, one of the cutest stores in the city, located in Milwaukee's Third Ward. Every time I step into this store, I know instantly I am in trouble. They've got the best selection of paper goods, gift-wrapping materials, notebooks, stationery and of course, an amazing selection of cards for all occasions. They tweeted about this card, created by Gold Teeth Brooklyn, last week, and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since. I just wish I had someone or the right occasion to be able to send it!

Do you send cards to anyone "just because?" I'm really horrible at keeping on top of sending cards (I can't even remember to call people half the time!), but maybe if more cards looked like this, I'd be more on top of being thoughtful....

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