Boo - The Facebook Dog

Boo - The Facebook Dog

I have been obsessed with Pomeranians for a very long time. For years, in fact. To some, they are a dog breed that fits into the realm of "puntables," but to me, I honestly believe they are the essence of cuteness. There can be no cuter. Their teddy-bear face, their seemingly never-ending smiles and their super-plushness of fur. With these powers combined, the Pomeranian is Captain Adorable.

One day, I will own a Pomeranian of my very own, but until then, I am living vicariously through Boo, a recent Internet sensation who has more than 400,000 fans on Facebook. I forget how I first stumbled upon his fan page, but once I did I was hooked. I looked through all the photos, played every video and squealed with glee every time. I firmly believe there is no way a person can look at Boo's Facebook page and not feel instantly happy. LOOK HOW FLUFFY! LOOK HOW DOPEY! I've got Pommie envy, for sure, as Boo is, hands down, the cutest dog I have ever seen in life.

Once you become a fan of Boo on Facebook, you can follow along with his antics, gush at his photo albums and try not to jump through the computer screen to hug him. Every time I see that derpy face pop up in my news feed, I light up a little inside. 

Do you have a favorite breed of dog? Do little Pomeranian-type dogs infuriate or make you melt?

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  1. soooooooooo cute!!! not just a reaction!!!! a love of life, animals and FUN


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