Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

Wow... I just realized how terrible of a blogger I've been. It's been two weeks since Halloween and I've yet to post my costume! Not that many of you probably care... but I promised I'd post something the day after, and here it is, two weeks later and nothing! 

I had a really hard time coming up with a costume idea this year. I like to be creative and different with my costumes - making something that may not go over with everyone, but the people who actually do get it think it's great. I thought about this for months, and a few ideas popped in my ind, but unfortunately they were all pair costumes, and my boyfriend had had his heart set on his costume for weeks.

And then, it hit me. This spring, I saw a skit on SNL that was one of the funniest I'd seen in years (easy enough, since the show has been so downhill the last half a decade). Naturally, it featured one of the funniest women on TV in my book, Kristen Wiig. Wiig is quickly becoming one of my comedic heroes, as she's so amazing with the tiniest little facial movements and has impeccable comedic timing. Anyway, this sketch, a spoof of the classic "Lawrence Welk Shoe," killed me from the instant Wiig appeared on screen. I couldn't believe I hadn't come up with the idea to be her character, whose name I believe is Judice, sooner.

Here I am, baby hands, gigantic forehead and all:

"Someone should tell her she should consider bangs."

And Eric? Why, he was the one and only Nature Boy: Ric Flair!
Stylin' and profilin'


We really had a lot of fun with our costumes this year. They were both great characters to play, and even though I lost one of my baby hands at the end of the night, everything went off without a hitch! I already can't wait until next year! I may already have a few ideas in mind....

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