Lake Michigan Sunrises

Lake Michigan Sunrises

Whenever I've had visitors who'd never been to Milwaukee before, they've always marveled at just how beautiful and cool the city is. To the outsiders, they assume Milwaukee is a more industrial-looking city, with little outdoor charm. From the architecture to the landscape and especially the lakefront, this really is a gorgeous city that doesn't get enough credit from outsiders. 

I'm lucky enough to live a block or so away from the Lake Michigan waterfront, and sometimes I think I take for granted just how fantastic the location of my apartment is. I've always got a beautiful place to run, play tennis, relax on a blanket or play on the beach. And when I'm up early enough, the sun rising over Lake Michigan is a scene that really can't be beat.

This morning, Eric was up bright and early due to the Daylight Saving Time change. I'd told him he needs to start using his camera more, because I've been getting more use of it lately than he has! So he quickly got dressed, grabbed his camera and took off to get some early-morning sunrise photos. I wish I could say I went with him, but not even the beauty happening outside could pull me from bed before 7 a.m. this morning...

Here are some examples of just how amazing Milwaukee, and especially my neighborhood, can be in the morning:

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