Christmas in Ohio

Christmas in Ohio

Today is my first full day back from Ohio after having spent almost five full days there. It was such a fantastic time back home, but it was go, go, go the whole time! I wish I had a least another day just to be home and relax and maybe play a game or two with my family - I rarely get to see them and I feel like it was a whirlwind! I didn't even have enough time to snap more than a small handful of photos!

The first night there we had dinner with my family, including both sets of grandparents, then hit the town for karaoke! I didn't do any singing, but Eric and my brother sure did! They're both hams when it comes to karaoke. I've been known to belt out a hit or two, but I was more interested in catching up with friends.

Christmas morning was the first time I can remember where both parents were awake before me - And I woke up at 6:45! All the usual traditions were carried out, and I must have been a good girl because I brought home 2.5 boxes of gifts! We spent Christmas day with my mom's side of the family (and plenty of little ones running around!). All the kiddies get toys, and the adults are involved in the "swap" game (I forget its real name). We all drew numbers (there were 19 adults this year!), and took turns either pulling a gift from the pile or stealing from somebody else. This year, it was apparent that alcohol was the big hit of the year. There were a couple bottles of vodka, some wine coolers, margarita mixers and beer floating around - and they all kept getting stolen! My favorite was the gift my dad ended up with. If you know my dad, you know why it's hilarious he was stuck with this gift at the end:

This would be mango margarita mix... inexplicably bottled in a glass heel. We laughed so hard as my dad questioned what it was. Priceless!

Eric and I managed to get what we think as the best gifts in the whole lot! Being craft beer lovers, you can't beat our gifts - I loved their Christmas/Santa themes (I'm a sucker for seasonal marketing). Plus, they each had a lottery ticket taped to the side. Between the two of us, we came back to Wisconsin with $13 extra... hey, I still consider that a win!

The next day was spent with my dad's side, a day full of delicious food and ending in a couple rounds of Euchre. I've been taught Euchre about four or five times in my life, but it finally sunk in and stayed with me this time! My team, consisting of my dad, my pap (grandpa) and me won twice in a row! Not too shabby. :)

Besides Euchre, a lot of the following happened at Pap and Grandmom's... Well, for my brother, a lot of the following happened the entire time I was home:

And, of course, Eric had to goof off by the fireplace. Don't mind the crotch shot here:

All in all, it was so nice to be home. The past few days made me realize just how much I miss my family and friends back home. Milwaukee is my favorite city in the world, but nothing beats home. I'm just waiting for someone to come through with that teleportation device sometime soon - then everything would be perfect!

That being said, I ate wwaaaaaaaaayy too much while home. We're talking heavy holiday lunches, followed by heavy holiday dinners with the leftovers every. single. day. There was a table constantly filled with tempting treats at my parents' house the whole time, and rarely did I resist the temptation. I'm fairly certain I put on about four pounds just while in Ohio. Since the summer I've gained probably about eight or nine pounds - unacceptable. So, now I'm focusing on eating healthy and getting in good workouts. It's like last year all over again; I've got a goal to get back down to my summer weight by April 1st. I did it before so I know I'll do it again!

I'm going raw foods completely this week (Uhhh... minus the Santa-shaped Hershey bar I just polished off...). I kicked off my serious jumpstart to fitness with a 5-mile run this morning, then followed with a GINORMOUS salad from Whole Foods. Seriously. This thing was sick. And it cost $8.89!! 

In the mix: Romaine, kale, mushrooms, purple cabbage, garbanzo beans, carrots, red peppers, radishes, cucumbers, pumpkin seeds and tofu. I topped it all with Sriracha for some spice. I think I almost cleaned out the whole salad bar! Because of the size and the price of this salad, I couldn't justify wolfing down the whole thing, so I'm saving half for dinner tonight. It was definitely delicious!

Tomorrow is my first day back at work, which is going to be hard to transition to. But it's still only a three-day week, ending with New Year's Eve, so there's not much to gripe about.

How was your Christmas? Were you able to spend time with your family?

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