Meat Pie

There were other things accomplished besides my fawning over a local bakery and devouring their goods while at Eric's family Christmas last weekend. Really, the cookies weren't even the main event. What I was really preparing myself for was the meat pie.

Meat pie? Meat pie. Meat + Pie = Meat pie. Eric had been talking it up for months, even having the audacity to say it was better than my grandmothers' Christmas noodles [Disclaimer: NOTHING is better than those. Nothing.]. A tradition on his mom's side, meat pie is served every Christmas. In fact, over Thanksgiving his grandmother mentioned that she'd made 20 of them preparing for the upcoming holiday. 20 MEAT PIES! I give the lady credit - I started whining after rolling just 10 peanut-butter balls while making Buckeyes a few weeks ago.

Meat pie was something I'd never had before, and was curious about its origins. After talking with Eric, and consulting the end-all and be-all of all information sources, it looks like it's not really a specialty ethnic dish. It's essentially ground beef, ground pork, potatoes, onions and seasonings... all mashed up and topped off with a flaky crust - kind of like a Shepherd's Pie, but not exactly. I didn't make it sound all too appetizing, but you know what? It actually was pretty dang good.

Because I was a first-timer, I was given the exception that I could use ketchup on the side, if I wanted. However, it is frowned upon in the presence of Grandma. I added a bit to my plate, but never once needed it. I was surprised by how much I liked this hearty pie. It was moist, crumbly and flavorful enough not to need an additional condiment. The crust was buttery, flaky and added a bit of sweetness to the otherwise savory meal. Meat pie is no Christmas noodles, but I'd be happy gobbling down a slice or two every Christmas from here on out. After all, it's a tradition, and you know how much I like breaking into others' favorite holiday standbys. 

Have you tried a holiday tradition recently that you've never experienced before? Have you ever had meat pie?


  1. True, you don't even need condiments for that kind of meat pie, since the meat juice itself is enough to give the flavor you really need. This made me remember the time when me and my best friend were celebrating Christmas at their house while eating meat pies made by her mom. While we're digging in, she never noticed that she's holding the fork sideways, in which she unknowingly bitten, resulting to a cracked tooth.

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