No Time for Cooking, Football is on!

I've got a confession that some of my Wisconsin readers are not going to like: I live with a Bears fan. That's right, Eric is a born-and-bred Wisconsinite, but a Bears fan through and through. Don't worry, he not the scum of the Earth a fan of the Cubs, but he does love his Bears. It's mostly his grandfather's influence, so don't take it too had on him.

So you can imagine his anxiety/excitement as the Bears took stage Sunday afternoon to  play for a spot in the NFC Championship game. Adorned in his blue and orange, Eric was a bundle of nerves... right up until halftime. If you watched the game, you know that the Bears won rather handily and now go forward to play.... of all teams... the PACKERS on Sunday for the NFC Championship. Apparently, it's a pretty big deal around these parts, and I think Eric is a little scared about the game.

Normally, we like to cook a nice lunch/dinner on Sunday, a little more labor-intensive than usual. But Eric had just one thing on his mind, so there was no cooking to be done. We were both feeling like pizza, but were on a pretty healthy streak for the weekend so far and didn't want to mess it up, so decided to have our pizza while keeping it healthy. Enter: Pita pizzas!

The "pizzas" were so amazingly delicious - better than a lot of pizza chain thin crusts I've tried. We simply bought some standard-size pitas from Whole Foods, topped them with pizza sauce, garlic powder, slices of fresh mozzarella, red peppers, mushrooms, onions and some crushed red pepper. They went into the oven on 400 degrees for about eight minutes and came out warm, crisp and perfect. We each had one for lunch and liked them so much we made them again for dinner that night!

I'm pretty sure next Sunday will be a no-cooking Sunday, as well, as we'll more than likely go watch the game somewhere (and Eric will be frantically searching for another Bears fan for support in a Packers bar). As for me? Well, you know I am unfortunately a Bengals fan, so my interest in football waned about mid-November. I will enjoy a game between such a heated rivalry come Sunday, but in most cases, Mr. Pancakes and I have the same attitude when it comes to football Sundays, and it is this:

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