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Breaking away from my usual blog format, I just had to post about the absurdity that was yesterday for me. 

Yesterday, factoring in the windchill, it was -23 degrees in Milwaukee. That's dang cold. And that's about the dang coldest it's been in years (or at least since I've lived here). Murphy's Law states that if there is the possibility for something to go wrong, it usually will - and at the most inopportune moment. Yesterday, I got into my car to go to work, and it would not start. We're not even talking a sputtering go-getter try. It simply would. not. start. What luck! So I went inside, called AAA (Thank you, Dad, for keeping my membership up to date), and was told a local company (I wish I could remember the name) would be there within the hour to give me a jump. Because it was freezing, I asked if the company would call me five mintues before they came, so I could wait inside. They said "certainly," so, I stayed near my phone (while taking in some "Live: With Regis and Kelly" - I'll miss you, Reeg!!) and peered out the window every few minutes waiting for the tow truck to arrive.

Time passed, "Live" ended, and still no call.It was about 10:30 when I really started to get impatient. And it was around 11:15 when I finally called AAA back, inquiring about the status of the tow company. The AAA rep pulled up my info, and informed me that they had  CLOSED MY ORDER because the tow company said they called me, got no answer and then left 10 minutes later. Well, this is an outright lie, because I did not receive one phone call within that timeframe, and, as I was constantly checking out the window, did not see any truck pull up next to my car.

I was honestly irate. I had missed half a day's work for nothing, and finally had to call Eric and have him leave work to jump my car. And it didn't take at first - it took about 10 tries for the engine to finally turn over. Needless to say, I was a little angry on my drive to work, but eventually calmed down (after plucking a couple Pizza Hut cheese bread slices from the office pot luck for lunch). At around 3:00, I went out and started my car, which was comforting to see it actually started on my first try.

And I did the same after work, two hours later. But no such luck.

My car was dead as a doornail, yet again. I flagged down a coworker to try to jump my car, but it wouldn't work. We even tried someone else's car to see if it had more power, but yet again, my car just wouldn't turn. So I waved my coworkers on home and called AAA once again. I braced myself for the news that I'd have to spend my Friday evening at work, waiting for AAA for another two hours.

But, this time, AAA came through! Grube's towing, in Mequon, called not four minutes after I hung up with AAA and said they'd arrive within five minutes. Sure enough, they showed up quickly, ran a test on my battery (The good news: I don't have to buy a new one!) and charged me up enough to get home. They were quick and friendly, and the whole situation made me a lot less irritated with my AAA service.

It was definitely a long day, full of annoyances. But the good news is that I went out to my car this morning and it started on the first try! Hopefully my dead battery issues are over for a while. I don't want to be going through that mess again soon. I was so unhappy with AAA in the beginning, but after my positive experience with them at the end of the workday, I'm once again happy to be a member.

Have you had bad experiences with AAA or another road club? Or have you had a really positive experience? Yesterday morning's was the only bad experience I've had with them, so I'm just curious how often it happens to anyone else.

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