From Kitchen Mishap to Kitchen "Ooohhhh yeah"

For the first time in a few weeks, this weekend has been very low-key. We're trying to save a little money, so we decided to stay in all weekend. So how did I spend my low-key Saturday? Well, obviously Alterra was in the cards. Then, I went on my first run since New Year's Eve, and let's just say it was humbling. I actually did a bit better than I thought I would after a nearly two-month hiatus, but with half-marathon training coming up in just two weeks, I need to build some base mileage. Yesterday, I ran 4.35 miles in 38 minutes, which was an 8:54 minute-per-mile average - not horrible, but I've got to remember to take it easy at first - I'm trying to ease back into running so the Shin-Splint Fairy doesn't visit me like she did last spring. This morning, my body is all "Whhaaa?? What was this nonsense you put me through?" and is a bit sore all over. It's definitely not used to running right now!

Saturday night consisted of buying groceries (it was surprisingly a packed house at 6:30), including a fantastically gourmet dinner: a Deluxe Tombstone frozen pizza, with sausage, green peppers, mushrooms and onions. The pizza was devoured rather quickly while we watched a couple episodes of Season Four of "Friday Night Lights." (Gosh, I love this show - I'm so sad it's over!)

First rule of eating frozen pizza: Hot sauce is a necessity. 

For dessert, I had an example of how a kitchen mishap can easily transform into a kitchen "Ooohhh yeah." A few days ago, I whipped up what I thought was going to be the most delicious chocolate-chip-pretzel-peanut-butter blondies EVER, but they turned out..... different. I don't know what happened with my dough, but it was crumbly, and after baking, the blondies were more like one gigantic square of crunchy cookie. Very strange. I got a little upset, but decided there's no use in crying over crumbly blondies, and tried to make the best of it. I crumbled and chunked up what was in the pan, stuck it in a freezer bag, and deemed it the perfect topping for vanilla ice cream. 

And oh my gosh, was it EVER. It was like a big, crumbled cowboy cookie over ice cream. The only thing that would have made it better would be if the crumbs and chunks were warm.
Sometimes I get a little perfectionist in the kitchen. I want everything to turn out beautiful and flawless, but even for the most seasoned baker, that just doesn't always happen. It's in these instances where it's important to gather ourselves (OK, myself), tell ourselves we are NOT failures, and find a way to make these kitchen mishaps into something positive. And boy, did this ever turn out positive. In fact, I kind of want to flub up more recipes for an excuse to top a dessert with another dessert.

Just remember: chocolate-chip cookies were originally a mistake in the kitchen where they were first made!

How do you turn kitchen disasters into kitchen masterpieces? 

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