Groundhog Day Blizzard - The Aftermath

As I mentioned this morning, we've been experiencing a blizzard here in Milwaukee. It looked bad, but not historic from high up in my perch (apartment) this morning, but once I bundled up and went out to explore, I was amazed at what I saw. Walking along the Lake Michigan shoreline, I was in awe of the spectacle before me; it was if I were in a foreign land - a foreign planet. I've never seen such beauty just blocks from where I live. I apologize for the volume of pictures included in this post, but I just want to share with you all what I saw today, once the snow stopped and the winds died down.

[It was reported there were 16-foot waves on the Lake today]

[This dog was killing me with his little Harley sweatshirt and goggles.]

[Everything I was wearing: 3 pairs of socks, running tights, sweatpants, snow pants, long-sleeved thermal shirt, t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, winter coat, scarf, insulated gloves, wool hat. I got too hot.]

[Eric pretending to be a squirrel.]

[I have a feeling the Cabana Company won't be needed today...]

[This might be my favorite photo of the day.]

[Necessities for the college kids sledding that day.]

So, as you can clearly see, there was some major blizzarding happening. The aftermath was gorgeous, though. I could've stayed and stared at that lake for hours...


  1. Cool pics. Since I have missed blizzard entirely, I have been looking at peoples' twitter, blog, and facebook posts to see what I am missing. I wish I could see the lakefront -- those look really cool!

    Oh, and if you find yourself needing some shovelling exercise, you are more than welcome to visit my house in tosa where it sits (mostly) unshovelled. :(

  2. I feel bad saying this, but I did absolutely zero shoveling yesterday.... I felt so bad for the people out there working their butts off pushing snow! Hopefully someone will have surprised you and you'll have a clear driveway when you return!

  3. Wow! Those pictures are amazing, especially the waves.
    I can't believe you were getting hot. I mean, that was a lot of layers but I think I would have frozen my butt of if I were out for more than a few minutes, even in heavy gear.
    Jess : )


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