Happy Valentine's Day... if that's your thing!


I'm not the biggest Valentine's Day fan, really. In fact, for years I used to purposely wear black every Valentine's Day, because apparently I thought that was funny/cool? I don't go out of my way to wear black now, but I just think it's a manufactured holiday that puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on people - both in relationships and not in relationships. 

But a lot of people really love Valentine's Day, and that's totally fine, too! It's a fun excuse to give gifts and get all gussied up and go out to a nice dinner. If I were super lovey-dovey and had a ton of cash to blow, I would go ALL out on Valentine's Day. 

Luckily, Eric feels the same way I do about Valentine's Day, so neither of us make a big deal  out of it. It's not like I don't love love. Or that we don't love each other. We do - just not in the form of boxes of chocolates. And we don't completely ignore it - usually we just exchange a card and maybe a small gift. Last year, Eric got me a subscription to Women's Health, which I LOVE and look forward to every month. So what did Eric get this year? A subscription to Men's Health! I know... real original, right? But he occasionally buys the magazine himself, and always wonders (out loud) why he doesn't just subscribe. So I did it for him!

And while I don't believe in going all-out for the holiday itself, I DO agree with making cute red and pink treats for the holiday to pass out to coworkers. I also agree with adorable, heart-shaped sprinkles. Which is why tonight I am making some very special, very delicious Valentine's-themed goodies. Hey, I can't be all bah-humbug about the ENTIRE holiday, right? 

And if you're wondering if I baked that insanely wicked-awesome heart cake above, I answer you with a resounding NO. It looks amazing, but just a little too tedious and daring for me. But if you're looking for a challenge, check out the full tutorial from I Am Baker here.

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