Here I go again...

EEK! I am now officially registered for the Wisconsin Half Marathon, taking place May 7th! My first-ever half marathon was last September, in Chicago. While I came in at under two hours, it wasn't exactly the goal time I was looking for. So, on May 7th, I'll be going for a 2011 goal AND a half-marathon PR: 13.1 in less than 1:55:00, baby!

I wasn't as nervous this time around when registering as I was for my first half marathon, and hopefully I'll have less butterflies all around for this go at it. BUT, as I haven't been keeping up with running at all this winter, we'll see just how difficult the first few weeks of training will be.... 


[Edit: OH.EM.GEE. I just saw the 2011 Finisher's Medal on the official race web site. "There is a reason we call it the big, metal, cheese medal!" Love it!]

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