My new favorite kitchen tool

I never thought I could feel so strongly for an inanimate object, but in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I think I'm in love.

You see, back before Christmas, as I was putting together my wish list I came across these beautifully-crafted state-shaped cutting/serving boards at AHeirloom's Etsy shop (don't get me started on how in love I am with Etsy, altogether). I toggled back and forth between asking for one in the shape of my home state (Ohio), or my adopted state (Wisconsin). And then I got the idea that I could serve a cheese platter on the Wisconsin-shaped board, and it was all over. I mean, how absolutely perfect is that? Even better, I could get it personalized to have a heart shape carved over the site of Milwaukee - adorable! I was obsessed with the idea.

And then my mom informed me that apparently everyone else on Earth was putting these boards on their Christmas lists too, and the shop said they wouldn't be able to make any more until after the new year. I was a little bummed, but I understood and went on with my life. I actually kind of forgot about it until a big package arrived yesterday afternoon and inside was my Wisconsin cutting board! I was so incredibly surprised and excited. Thank you, Mom! It's beautiful - I almost don't want to use it! It would actually look really cool hanging on a wall somewhere in my apartment. But I can't get over the thought of using it a cheese platter - it's just too cute!

I'm thinking I need to have people over just for an excuse to use it - appetizer and wine party, anyone?

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