If you're anything like me, you're constantly bookmarking, starring and favoriting things that stand out to you on the interwebs. After years of bookmarking pages and starring posts in my Google Reader, the whole thing is a disorganized mess. If I can't find anything I've bookmarked, what's the point in even doing so?

That's where Pinterest comes in. 

I first discovered Pinterest through one of my favorite blogs (one that gets starred a lot), My Favorite Things. The program lets you simply drag and drop (or "pin") photos you love from different web sites, and build a virtual inspiration board on your own Pinterest page. You can see a sampling of everything I've pinned above (uhhh... completely girly, much?) You can organize your boards into categories (home decor, craft ideas, cute animals, etc.), and even better: you're redirected to the original source page when you click on the photo.

I've only had Pinterest for a few days now, but I am obsessed! My board is growing quickly (Mostly thanks to Design*Sponge and Style Me Pretty), and I'm stumbling across some fun inspiration. I have a feeling my whole Internet-browsing world is going to change for the better.

Right now, you have to apply to be able to join Pinterest, but if they granted me membership, they must not be ultra exclusive. But if you'd like to join, I just so happen to have five membership invites to hand out, so just drop me an e-mail and I'll send the first five people an invite!

Get pinning, y'all!

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