Dogs vs. Cats

Coke vs. Pepsi
Heinz vs. Hunt's 
Cats vs. Dogs

These are three polarizing arguments that people will battle until the end of time and no one will ever come out a winner. (Except for the ketchup argument.... If you prefer Hunt's, I question you as a person entirely). 

Where do I stand? Coke. Heinz. Ca..... I mean, Doo...... I mean....... I DON'T KNOW!!! I love both cats and dogs. I grew up always having a pet dog and cat at the same time (until my beloved beagle, Reese, passed away when I was in college), and they're both fantastic pets. Dogs are playful and loyal. Cats are quirky and independent. I will admit I believe it's easier to get more attached to a pooch than a kitty, but Mr. Pancakes has changed my perspective on the "buddyability" of a cat altogether. 

Are you as indecisive on the subject as me? Just weigh the pros and cons of each pet and see who comes out the clear winner for you.


1 comment:

  1. Not indecisive. Cats are vermin to me. Seriously.

    Rat, Cat... they rhyme for a reason.


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