Home Sweet Home?

So... I've got a little news. Actually, it is a BIG news - and really exciting, too! Eric and I are officially in our first house hunt! I guess wintertime in apartment living has really gotten to us, and we're itching to buy a place of our own. Actually, if you would've asked me in January - or, heck, two weeks ago - if I'd be purchasing a house this year, I would have snorted, laughed and answered with a resounding "NO!" I thought that was probably a couple years off for us (let alone after a wedding), but after finding a couple of homes online that we really liked, and also crunching numbers and realizing we could actually afford these homes (which, it turns out, being able to pay for a house is, like, a pretty big deal when looking to buy), we kind of went all in!

Luckily, since I work in the real estate industry, I've got a lot of great resources at my disposal while going through this process, including my Realtor - I've got a great one, who I'm totally confident in to steer us in the right direction while going through this totally new, completely overwhelming process.

Yesterday we took a jump into the most fun process of looking for a new home - the showings! We were pretty excited about seeing all the homes in person, and may or may not have pretended like we were on HGTV's "House Hunters" for the day.... We toured five homes total, all actually really different from one another. There were two that were fairly easy to rule out, one that has potential but is a little small for our liking and two that we loved.

I made sure to pay special attention to closet space in all the homes.

While Eric was in charge of snapping all the photos.

I'll tell you, touring homes is fun, but afterwards it's a really exhausting process. We were constantly weighing the pros and cons of each place, thinking about things down the road and carefully considering every option we'd have with each home. Let's just say I was wide awake at 5:45 this morning, my mind heavy with ifs ands and buts about both homes. They're both in fantastic locations in a neighborhood that we already really love and enjoy spending time in.

We still have to figure a few things out about financing, so it's not like we'll be signing any contracts in the next week, and who knows - maybe another home will come on the market that we absolutely adore.  But as for now, I'm getting really excited about all the possibilities. 

Or maybe it's just the idea that street parking may soon be a thing of the past for me. Oh, sweet, sweet garage-parking freedom.

Do you have any tips on the home-buying process? What was the most exciting/nerve wracking part of the process for you?


  1. Congratulations! I remember house-hunting as fun, but exhausting too. I have one tip: once you find a house that you think is your dream house (and it WILL happen!), don't believe it is the ONLY house for you. We found one, loved it, but had a home inspection on it and our jaw dropped to floor based on the inspector's report. My wife was crushed. Later, we found another Wauwatosa beauty that was seemingly waaay under-priced--everyone else thought so too--and we didn't get it. Crushed again. However, returning home after finding out we didn't get it, we saw a guy placing a "For Sale by Owner" sign out on his front yard. We slammed on the brakes and run up to him and said "We're interested!" Toured the home the next day and fell in love with it. The house was on the market for 1 day before we bought it in 2003.

    Speaking of homes in my neighborhood, there are quite a few nice looking homes that recently went on the market in my 'hood. I'm not sure if 'tosa is in your search zone, but it may be worth a look. My neighborhood is between 76h and 83rd street north of the village.

    Good luck!

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