House Hunt Update

First of all, I need to apologize for being a little absent lately. Things are pretty, pretty, preetttyyy wild in my world right now. House hunting is no small feat, my friends, and on top of that, I've started my training for my half marathon on May 7th. Let's just say if it's not houses or running, it's probably not on my brain.

Last week, we'd pretty much decided to sit back and cool out on the house hunt. We'd exhausted almost everything on the market in our desired neighborhood, and we weren't wowed by anything. Then, on Tuesday we went and saw a couple more homes; One had a lot of space, a great deck and a big master bedroom, but was a little more south than we'd like to be. The other we had completely written off because the online pictures of the interior weren't exciting and the square footage seemed a little low BUT it was in an ideal location. 

Well, that second home we had written off? It was the perfect example of why you can't judge a book by its cover.... or it's online photos. The interior was clean, very cute and definitely had lots of charm. It is a little smaller than I was looking for, but the basement is in excellent condition and could be easily finished - meaning extra living space down the road! But the real kicker was this home's breathtaking backyard; we walked outside and our jaws DROPPED at how beautiful it was - and this was at night! Cobblestone patio leading to a granite-blocked deck. Expansive, lush backyard with 14 different kinds of flowers and beautiful landscaping. A Golden Delicious apple tree. An archway across the path leading to the garage filled with real grape vines that grow seedless green grapes! Seedless green grapes!!! A slab and a fire pit. An amazing garden area..... it goes on. I'm not saying it looks exactly like what's pictured below, but, I mean, it's not far off.

It was the first house we had gotten really excited about. We decided right then and there that we'd put an offer on it.

An offer! What a huge deal! We knew the offer we put in was a long shot, but were hopeful. Well, after waiting and excruciatingly long day yesterday, we finally heard last evening that they'd countered our initial offer. Their counter was exactly what we'd expected, so no letdown here. We rolled up our sleeves and decided we'd play ball. We put in our counter offer this morning, and now have another day of waiting!

As an avid viewer of the show "House Hunters," I must say I'm a little perturbed at how they package the offer to purchase and countering process. Uhhh... I WISH it was as easy as picking a number, calling the Realtor and enjoying a cup of coffee as you wait for the answer. NO. It is a painful process filled with nervous and anxiety and upset stomachs. "House Hunters," I love you, but you're doing it wrong.

AAGGGHHH!!! Such an exhausting process. But we're so hopeful they'll accept this counter. I know I shouldn't be doing this, but I'm already dreaming of the ways I'll decorate and how I'll spend summer days and nights in that amazing backyard. 

Cross your fingers, please!

[GIANT MEGA UPDATE NEWS: Just minutes after I posted this, our offer was accepted!!! I know that doesn't mean it's 100% a done deal, but it's a whole HECK of a lot closer! PARTY TIME, DUDES!!!! :)]

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