Opening Day Funtimes

Happy Saturday, everyone! After my super-fun weekend in Ohio, it took me until this morning to really feel like I'd caught up with my sleep. Despite the dreary weather, I'm in a fantastic weekend-morning mood! All ready to squash my 10-mile run this morning. I've had a less-than-stellar week of half-marathon training, so I'm all geared up for a great run today.

As I mentioned before, I spent my 26th birthday on Monday at the Brewers' Opening Day. It was the perfect birthday celebration, as I love baseball, the Brewers and tailgating at Miller Park. Miller Park is one of the very few ballparks where you can tailgate before the games, and people go all out.

Last year, I made a special batch of maple-bacon cupcakes and sent them to work with Eric to share with his coworkers. Apparently, the cupcakes were gone before 9 a.m. and his coworkers have been asking for more ever since. Because we were tailgating with his coworkers on Monday, I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to treat them to their favorite "meat cakes," as they've affectionately termed them.

Forgive me for not uploading step-by-step directions, but I made the cupcakes immediately after my flight home at 9 p.m., so I wasn't feeling like being too photo-detailed. You can find a similar recipe here, and I definitely recommend you make these sinful treats - you will immediately become the most popular person at your next gathering.

Aside from the beer drinking and cupcake-inhaling, there was also, you know, a baseball game that day. We totally lucked out and have an amazing friend who was able to secure fantastic seats for us, so we were right up close to the action all day!

Miller Park just installed an amazing new HD scoreboard, which is GIGANTIC. I never thought I'd be so in awe of a big screen, but it really was sort of mesmerizing. 

And, because this is Wisconsin, some of the Super-Bowl-Champion Green Bay Packers were there to throw out the first pitch!

Honestly, I think some people in the crowd were more excited about seeing the Packers than the actual game!

Sadly, the Brewers lost that game. It was a heartbreaker, but I still had a fantastic time!

And this kid, THIS KID SITTING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, caught a foul ball! It was, hands down, the closest I've ever been to catching a foul ball, and he nabbed it right ahead of me. The little jerk. (Just kidding - he seemed like a good kid, there with his parents, and was genuinely happy about catching the ball).

And today, I get to do it all over again! We're in the midst of a heated series with the Cubs, and I'm heading over to Miller Park again with some friends for another great game and tailgating fun. Make sure you come back to hear all about my tailgate treats I'm making for today - trust me, you won't want to miss these :)

Do you have a favorite sporting event to attend? What are your favorite tailgate snacks?

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