Orange-Wedge Jell-O Shots

OK friends, listen up: Do you want to be the most popular person at your tailgate party? Do you want to make a simple, yet delicious treat that will wow the crowd and leave everyone with a tiny, happy buzz? Of course you do. This is where my next "recipe" comes into play.

If your college experience was anything like mine, chances are you've downed a Jell-O shot or two in your day. Heck, you may have even had a pudding shot or two, as well (trust me... sounds weird, is awesome). I mean, to be honest, I have witnessed friends playing beer pong with Jell-O shots.... Let's just say this never, ever ended well.

Needless to say, Jell-O shots are popular because they're tasty, fruity, laced with alcohol and easy to make. However, they could stand to be a little more eco-friendly (no need to waste dozens of Dixie Cups!) and a little easier to take down.

Enter: The Orange-Wedge Jell-O shot.

I can't say I'm the first to make this shot, but I stumbled it across it online and was blown away by the creativity, the ease and - most of all - the cuteness. Those are all bonus points with me - and the end result will be bonus points for you with your friends.

First, round up about 4-5 large navel oranges. 

Slice these oranges in half.

 Then scoop out their innards with a spoon, pumpkin-carving style.

Next, whip up your orange-flavored Jell-O according to box directions, but instead of cold water, substitute cold vodka. I left mine in the freezer overnight to chill.

Now, I bought this Whipped vodka on a whim - it was relatively inexpensive, and I'd heard great things about it from my friends at the bachelorette party the other weekend (these girls know their adult beverages, so I trusted their judgement). Also, I imagined they'd create a delicious Creamsicle taste when paired with the orange Jell-O. I was right. It was such a brilliant combo. I highly, highly suggest you choose whipped cream-flavored vodka when making these treats.

Next, pour the Jell-O mixture in the hollowed-out orange rinds. The easiest, most pain-free way to do this is to place the orange halves in a muffin tin - no spilling!

Then, let it all chill in the fridge overnight.

The next morning (or hours later), slice each half into three wedges, as you would with a regular orange.

Then serve, and enjoy!

I'm sorry I don't have the finished-product photo (except for the one above, where my friend Abby and I are stuffing our faces), but, trust me, they turn out something like this:
I've also seen/heard of variations with lemons and limes... but reach for the sky! I may be secretly dreaming of a way to making this with a small watermelon...

Just make sure you store them in a cooler if serving them outside! Otherwise you'll end up with lukewarm Jell-O Vodka Soup.... which, take my word for it, is not as refreshing as it sounds.


  1. Sounds like a great idea!!!! I'm going to the store right now to get the oranges!!! Thanks so much:)

  2. I want to make these. Sounds so good


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