Survival of the Fittest

Well, gang, we made it. We survived our trip to IKEA and are living to tell you about it. IKEA trips are tricky animals, because, on one hand: Hey! IKEA! Cheap stuff that is neat!. On the other hand: Ugh, IKEA, screaming children around every corner and half the world circling around you with gigantic carts overrun with pointy boxes. 

Our trip actually went much smoother than I thought it would. I was prepared for the worst, as we walked into the store directly behind FOUR babies being carried in in carriers.... But after some initial grumpiness (After Eric reminded me we'd need actual measurements from the house for many of the things we were looking at, I maybe have thrown my arms up and questioned why we were even at the -expletive- store in the first place). But  Eric was luckily able to calm me down by allowing me to purchase two little tealight lanterns that I swore I would die if I didn't own. (I was only slightly dramatic that afternoon)

We managed to walk away with some great purchases: Three Expedit units (two will live in the master bedroom, one will be fashioned into a record-player stand/record holder), an outdoor welcome mat that will be decorated by yours truly, an ultra-cute chandelier, my necessary lanterns, a large serving tray, some wooden hangers, some things I can't remember, and a 99-cent mirror squeegee that I was convinced would change our world (or the bathroom) as we know it.

We were in and out in just under three hours, which is actually quite an accomplishment! We managed to bypass the ridiculously delicious-smelling meatballs and cinnamon rolls, and instead satisfied our hunger with the Chocolate-Chip Cookie-Dough Larabars. And I must say, they were worth the wait/scavenging. 

I was quite pleased with how the day rounded out. But as we were loading up our flat bed cards with the Expedits, a wave of terror swept over us: These things might not fit in my car.....

I stood with our treasures, waiting for Eric to pull the car around, shaking from nerves (or maybe due to the 30 mph winds, mixed with freezing rain?), praying to all things holy that everything would fit. We put down the back seat and, miraculously, the long Expedits fit juuuuust right, from the back of the trunk, right up to the backs of the two front seats. The short, fatter, Expedit, however? That was a different story. We tried about four different angles to get it to fit neatly in the back, but it just wasn't going to work. Finally, we just bit the bullet and let the front stick out through the front seats.

It made it somewhat difficult to hold a conversation on the 1.5-hour drive home.

The backseat wasn't too pretty, either.

But all that matters is we got everything out of the store, into the car and back to Milwaukee. However, I will be driving around with the two larger Expedits in my trunk/backseat until we close on our house. Sure to be a gas guzzler, but I'd rather keep them in there than move them twice before the big move!

Do you have any IKEA horror stories? Any triumphs? We already know we'll need to make another trip back (after we move in), so sit tight for another tale in surviving it all.

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