The United Stereotype of States

I stumbled across this U.S. "map o' stereotypes" last night and can't stop laughing. Sure, it could be misconstrued as offensive (depending on what state you're from - Sorry, Louisiana), but I find it hysterical. "Mexico-ish?" "Chicago & Grass?" Too funny.

That said, having lived in both Wisconsin and Ohio, I can say that while living in Ohio all I knew about Wisconsin was it had something to do with cheese or cheeseheads or whatever. But I can't say that my mind immediately slips to "Horses, etc." when thinking about Ohio. Corn? Livestock? Underperforming professional sports teams? Something like that.

Also, a friend pointed out that many of these stereotypes are overlapping. For instance, "Dive bars and serial killers" could also be used for Wisconsin (if it weren't for the overabundance of cheese seeping out of every crack From Kenosha to Lake Superior). I also think "Fabulous Unhappy People" could be easily interchangeable with California. But that's just me.

Which stereotype state are you? If you love this map as much as I do, you can purchase it here. I can't think of a more hilarious conversation starter!

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