Boxes, boxes everywhere

Welcome to my apartment, friends. Isn't it lovely? Why, yes, those are original Staples boxes circa April 2011 - thank you for noticing. But don't leave out the army-surplus bag stuffed with jackets! That's really a prize piece, as well. How do we define our apartment's current style? Junkyard chic, I believe, is the most tasteful way to put it.

So, as we sit here, a mere eight days away from closing on our house, our apartment looks like this. Boxes, suitcases, plastic bags filled with random junk.... It's a beautiful sight. And while it may be an eyesore to us, to Mr. Pancakes, it is the ultimate playground of tunnels, peaks and cozy bedding (he's taken up residence on that Army bag, which serves as a perfectly comfortable cat bed, to him).

And any boxes that aren't filled, taped up and added to the mountainscape, P-Cakes claims as his own personal forts. 

Whatever you do, do not attempt to remove him from his Fortress of Catitude.
[DISCLAIMER: P-Cakes was not hissing at the time this photo was taken. He was actually yawning, but I loved catching this oh-so evil look on such a sweet, little fluffykins. Check out those fangs!]

I'm so interested to see how he is going to react to the new house. I mean, STAIRS?!? Big windows on the ground floor where he can watch birds??? Life can't get better for a cat.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't completely overwhelmed with the moving process. In fact, I kept finding myself standing in front of all that needed to be packed, staring vacantly, and then tip-toeing over to my computer to see what very-important matters were being discussed on Twitter. 

I've made some progress, but I'm sort of stumped on my closets. Just what can you pack up and what can you keep out when it's 38 degrees one day and 60 the next? This uncooperative weather is making things difficult.

But what I have packed, I'm pleased with. I've rid the bedroom of books, little trinkets, crafting  and sewing supplies. Each box is clearly labeled with its contents, and is also marked with which room it will live in in the new house. That way, when I am serving as "Director of Moving Operations" next weekend, there will be no random dumping of boxes. Anywhere.

I've got a lot of work in the kitchen ahead of me, wrapping up dishes in newspaper and storing away food I think I can live without in the next week (note: the jar(s) of peanut butter will be one of the last things to be packed), but slowly and surely things are moving along. 

Does anyone have any great moving tips that will spare me very unbecoming emotions upon moving day next week?? Please, for the sake of my relationship and for the sanity of my helpful movers, enlighten me.

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