Color Me Exhausted

Before I start things off, as I was typing the title of this post, I just couldn't shake boy band extraordinare Color Me Badd from my head. Ugliest boy band ever? Most definitely. And, for real, since when did Kenny G lie his saxophone down long enough to join an R&B boy band? Oh, early '90s, you were hilarious.

Now that we've all got "I Wanna Sex You Up" in our heads, let's continue on.

Well, we're in. We're in our house and still remarkably sane! Although there were a couple snafus (ridiculous wind, U-Haul truck's battery DYING right as we were about to leave), the move went swimmingly on Sunday. Our brave helpers, Aaron and Kyle, were ready and rarin' to go by 9:30 - and just as we were finishing up our final trips to the U-Haul, we got some surprise visitors - Eric's Mom and brother came down to help, too! They also dropped off our patio set, which we are incredibly grateful for - it fits perfectly on our deck!

But before all that madness began, before the boxes were unloaded and bags unpacked, we had to give our house a little makeover - We spent all of Friday night and 10 hours straight on Saturday painting the living room, hallway, "French" room and guest bedroom on the main floor. It wasn't bad at the beginning, painting the living room while listening to the sweet sounds of Bob Uecker call the Brewers/Pirates game Friday night. But beyond the living room, that's where it began to weigh on us.

The previous owners had blasted what we're calling the "French room" with a very deep, rich red color. I'm kind of over the whole "red accent wall" trend, and I also wanted to have the living room and French room the same color, to make the space flow better. We skipped using primer on the living room wall, as the "Sandcastles in the Sand" color (as we deemed it) was light enough to paint over with gray with no issues. But to cover this bold red, primer was necessary.

Eric was on roller duty as I took take care of the trim. I want to say the trim details was the suckier job of the two, but neither of us was really having a good time. And if anyone has any tips on how to get full-coverage paint in teeny-tiny little corners with door frames, please enlighten me. I know no one will ever see the teensy gaps I wasn't able to get to, but it still bothers me.

After about seven hours, we had the living room, French room and hallway painted a lovely shade of "Porpoise," by Behr. I was concerned at first, as it looked slightly purplish when wet, but it dried beautifully, and it really makes the white trim pop. I couldn't be happier with the end result!
[P.S. I think I've decided the French doors need to be white, too. Add it to the project list!]
The guest bedroom also previously sported the "Sandcastles in the Sand" color, but with a slightly more peachy tone. The more I looked at the color, the more I hated it. Enter: Behr's "Cucumber Crush." I was incredibly close to choosing a Disney paint color called "Silly Old Bear." It was close to the very-light mint color I was looking for, but in the end, Cucumber Crush was pretty much the exact color I was looking for. I Eeyored out for a bit at Home Depot, as I really loved the idea of using a paint color named after Winnie the Pooh. I am five years old.

Oh bother.

Forgive me, as I don't have a good photo of the guest room, and this one doesn't represent the wall color well. Use your imagination.

So, after about 4.5 hours on Friday night, 10 hours on Saturday, two Brewers game broadcasts, and about six each of "Doug Loves Movies" and "Sklarbro Country" podcasts, we were done. We were tired, grouchy and sore, but we were done. I'm just glad we were able to paint everything before moving in any furniture - it would have been 10 times worse shuffling around bookshelves and couches!

If Eric and I can make it through a weekend of painting and moving, I'm convinced we can make it through anything. If he looks at me and still wants to live with me after two days not showering, eyes bloodshot, wearing the same clothes, I'd say we're pretty solid.

And, completely off topic, but just because I think it is so adorable and also my daily morning mantra, I just have to share my favorite wall hanging I've put up thusfar:

It hangs in our kitchen, and is the perfect, happiest little thing to see while making my morning oatmeal.

Do you have any painting horror stories? Any tips or tricks to share? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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