Thrifty Scores

I cannot stress enough how much I love thrift stores. They're not just places to find second-hand ironic t-shirts, you know. Depending on the thrift store, you can really find a treasure trove of goodies for your home. Sure, the items probably came from grandma's dusty basement, but with a little love, paint or fabric, you can personalize them, stylize them and decorate your home with a unique flair that can't be picked up at a Crate & Barrel. 

Case in point: This awesome-to-the-core globe. 

Globes are a hot commodity in home decorating right now, and, yes, are quite trendy. But, I'll admit I can sometime be a slave to trends, and this globe has so much awesome character. The frame is kind of an oiled-bronze metal, and has two "men" holding the globe on their backs at the base. Totally cool. Eric found this little gem at a thrift store near his office yesterday and texted the photo to me right away.

"I LOVE THIS GLOBE!!!" He wrote.
"OH MY GOSH ME TOO BUY IT NOW" was my response.

And so it was done. So now, we are the proud owners of this totally-awesome globe. Eric paid $30 for it, which is a great price compared with other old globes for sale on the Internet. We know just the perfect place to put it in our new home, and I can't wait to show you!

What's your best-ever find at a thrift store?

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