The best $36 dollars ever spent

Yeah, yeah. It's the end of the weekend. It was beautiful. I was outside enough. I also did plenty of house-related stuff. But let's get to the real important topic of the weekend. 

Let's focus on what I just ate.

This is what a $19/lb Ribeye bought from our corner market, Groppi's, looks like.  When we bought it this afternoon, I thought Eric was batshit crazy for spending $36 on two pieces of steak. Once I took my first bite, however, I never thought he'd been so brilliant.

Now, I often think I could be a vegetarian very easily. During the week, I eat very little meat, and I don't even mind it. I'm happy on a 85% vegetarian diet. It's just things like ribs, pulled pork, bacon and this gigantic, juicy, marbled, melt-in-your-mouth piece of bovine goodness that keep me from going 100%. 

It's cuts of meat like this that make you forget your arteries need protecting.

Last summer, we attempted to start a "Steak Sundays" tradition on our apartment building's patio. It lasted about two Sundays in a row, frankly because trying to grill out on a shared patio from 7 floors up is an incredibly difficult feat. Tonight, from the comfort of our backyard, we kicked it off with a vengeance, and I'm not sure I ever want to go back to any other cut of meat.

Eric grilled them to perfection: A perfect medium. Caramelized and slightly crunchy on the outside, and perfectly tender and melty in the middle. I sauteed the mushrooms and onions, and gave the broccoli a good ol' steam (using the Chef Basket!) while he was tending to the "man cooking" outside.

I'm stuffed. I'm stuffed, happy and falling back in love with red meat. Eric made the comment, "I feel just like Ron Swanson right now!" And if he had a mustache, I may have just mistaken him for TV's lovable man's man.

On the side, we enjoyed what was a perfectly fitting beer for the evening's cuisine: Wisconsin's own Capital Brewery's Supper Club beer.
This beer is good. There's nothing special about it - I can't say it has any extra hint of spices, fruits, extra hops or malts. It's just an easy-to-drink, good ol' beer to slug back on a Sunday evening without making things too complicated. There's not a lot to think about while sipping this beer, but it's got the slightest bit of sweetness while remaining mellow. It paired deliciously with our steaks. I think we'll keep this on rotation.

We worked hard this weekend. It was a gorgeous couple of days, here, and we disciplined ourselves into making sure we got plenty of work done inside. Our reward was a beautiful piece of meat and a couple good beers. It was one of the best curtain calls to a weekend I've had in months.

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  1. Looks splendid! And that's the beer that I had with my fish fry on Friday night. Well, one of them. ;)


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