A Fond Farewell

I've always loved magazines. It was this love that drove me to major in magazine journalism in college, and it's the love that has caused me to hold subscriptions to at least six different magazines at the current time. One of those magazines is ReadyMade, a bimonthly focusing on DIY projects around the home. This magazine has been a constant source of inspiration for me, and it's one of those "keepers" that lives in a big basket in my living room - I just can't throw it away when I'm done reading.

It's a difficult time in print publishing these days, and because of such it was announced this week that ReadyMade production is being ceased. It was sad to hear this news, as when I discovered this magazine, I felt like it was made just for me. From its easy-to-follow, low-cost ideas for home design to its amazingly tasty-looking recipes, ReadyMade never produced an issue that I didn't read cover-to-cover immediately upon its arrival to the mailbox. They'll continue to update their web site and blog, but there's just something about paging through the magazine itself that I'm going to miss terribly.
[The most recent issue, currently sitting on my coffee table.]
I always gets sad when hearing news of any publication folding, but this one just hits close to home. So let's all pour a little out in honor of another fallen mag, and please, go visit the ReadyMade web site - if you enjoy any of the projects I post on this blog, you're going to love every idea you see.

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