Trapped in the Closet

If it feels like it's been a long time since I last checked in with a project, well... it's because it's been a long time since I checked in with a project. Last weekend was non-stop busy and, believe it or not, absolutely zero home-related things were accomplished. The kitchen cabinets are FINALLY assembled, but the final results will just have to wait until next week (i.e. Whenever the new knobs and pulls arrive in the mail). 

While I thought home projects would be winding down for a little while, last night Eric and I went around, room by room, and listed every project we'd like to complete by the end of the year. There were 42 projects in all. 


So, in the mean time, I'm all about knocking out tiny projects when I get the chance, and last night's project was quick and simple, but added a necessary (and cute!) touch to our master bedroom.

You see, our bedroom takes up the entire second floor of our little Cape Cod, and right off the stairway up to the bedroom is our walk-in closet. Oh yes, a walk-in closet. It's so nice to have, and the previous owner even lined it with cedar planks to keep it moth proof, which also gives it a cozy, Northwoods cabin look. Here's how it looked when we first moved in:

I must say, it was a little difficult to give in to sharing part of the closet with Eric, but I guess he owns some clothing, too. Really, the thing he was concerned most with was having a couple of the hooks you see above, so he "could hang his pants up after work."

Boys are weird.

Anyway, the closet is very nice to have, but whoever added it forgot to include a door, a door to hide all the disorganized, cluttered clothing and shoes away. I'm going to be very brave, now, and show you just how the closet looks today, one month after moving in:

(See the pants hanging to the right in these photos? Yes, Eric was granted his "after-work pants hooks.")

Without the door, you're easily able to peek right into the closet to see all clutter.

It's quite unsightly, no? I never claimed to be a neat freak.

But, because I am now a curtain-making master, I decided the fix was easy: throw together another curtain and hang it from a spring-loaded rod in the door way. Simple! Foolproof!

So I ordered more adorable fabric. And, yet again, I came up short. If I were to use only the fabric I ordered, you'd barely clear the curtain rod on your way into the closet. I told you before: I am not so good at the math and the measuring.

But never fear! Weeks ago, I picked out some totally-awesome red houndstooth fabric that was part of a remnant pile at a local thrift store. I think I took home about 1.5 yards for only a dollar. It would go perfect with my new, too-short panel! So I measured and cut this houndstooth fabric to the width of my main fabric, and planned to sew the two together to add height and a fun mix of patterns.

That's right, I sewed. Stitch Witchery couldn't save me now - I'd have to actually thread a needle and plug in the machine. It really tested my laziness.

First, I pinned the two pieces of fabric together, right sides facing. 

Then, allowed for about a half-inch seam from the two edges of the fabric pinned together.

And, BAM! 95 seconds later, the fabric was sewn together. Sewing is not hard, especially when all you're doing is sewing in one straight line. I need to remind myself of this. But, soon after, laziness kicked in once again, and I decided the edges would be hemmed the old, trusted way.

Perhaps you've seen a photo like this one somewhere on this blog before?

I ironed down the seam between the two fabrics, then went along making the iron-on hem.

Easy peasy.

There happened to be a few clip-on curtain hooks that were left over from all the other curtains I'd made, so I used those and hung up the finished product.



Ahhhh... so much nicer. And it adds a pop of color and a fun pattern into a bedroom that is seriously lacking any spunk at all at the moment. There are some design issues going on in that bedroom, and I'm going to need some serious inspiration to make it fabulous anytime soon.

But for now, I'm happy with my simple little closet curtain. It hides the fact that I am not a neat freak by any means and adds some personality, as well.

If only the kitchen cabinets could have been so easy....

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