You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth

Last night, a dream of mine was realized. 
Well, I don't know if I'd call it a "dream" so much as a "Hey it'd be pretty cool if I could see this live and in person at some point in my life." 

I saw Marvin Lee Aday perform some of his most classic songs outdoors in my very own city. In case you didn't know, Marvin Lee Aday is more widely known as this man:

If you're still scratching your head, that's Meat Loaf, the "Bat Out of Hell" himself.

Except now, he looks a little more like this:

Now, all lumbering across the stage while wearing a sparkly smock aside, the show rocked it pretty hard. As hard as a 63-year-old man who had just completed a stint on "The Apprentice" can.

First of all, I was totally thrown back by the band not opening with "Bat Out of Hell," which is the most outright form of blasphemy one can commit when either playing a Meat Loaf set, or when actually being Meat Loaf. He kicked it off with "Bless My Soul" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is a fine, fun song, but isn't the choice opener. I blame "Glee" and its Rocky Horror episode for knocking "Bat Out of Hell" from of its rightful spot at the top of the set. Mostly just because I believe "Glee" needs to be blamed for something, anything.

After that, he had the audacity to play what he called "the trifecta" of new songs from his latest album. I didn't listen to his latest album, mainly because it is not Bat Out of Hell, and there's really not much else you need. But the songs weren't terrible, and I had a good time watching the lead guitarist shred on his Flying V.

I can honestly say it was one of the most diverse crowds I've been a part of. From Harley dudes in leather jackets to sweet Aunt Sue feeling just uninhibited enough to tap her Keds along to the beat, the audience ran the gamut of the live-music enthusiasts. I mean, one of the most enthusiastic characters there was this fella standing a row ahead of me:
Dude could not stop air guitaring and/or drumming.

Of course, what (mostly) everyone was there to see was everyone's favorite (except the DJ) karaoke song "Paradise by the Dashboard Light." (Also, I dare any of you to do a rendition better than my friend Kelly and I... especially in our heyday circa 2006). Meat Loaf, himself, even threw on a flamboyant red jacket just for the number.

Then all hell broke lose when, for reasons unbeknownst to me, he brought out a phallic-shaped t-shirt gun and shot promotional shirts out to the crowd. (I still maintain this idea was probably one straight from the brain of The Donald, who believes everyone needs a gimmick.) That part was totally unnecessary and really schticky. (TWSS)

However, I sang along and danced and had a grand old time. It was totally fun to see Meat Loaf in person, even if not in his heyday. I truly love Bat Out of Hell, and would probably put it up there in my Top 10 Albums of All Time. He knocked out almost every song from the album and really looked like he was having a great time singing them all for the 4,000th time.

Right before Meat Loaf went on stage, we were treated to some totally kick-ass fireworks that were some of the best I've ever seen. I am still 10 years old and shout "French fry!!!", "Squirmy!!!", "Big Mac!!!" to describe all the fireworks going off. This is something I always did as a child and something I will continue to do as a slightly older child.

Pictures don't do them justice, but here are some anyway:

Have you seen any supposedly "past their prime"  musicians or bands live? Did they live up to your expectations? We saw Judas Priest at Summerfest last year and GOOD GRIEF can Rob Halford still let out some of the greatest screams of all time.

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  1. A phallic-shaped t-shirt gun? Why didn't I think of that!!


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