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I'm a bad blogger. I'm a real bad blogger, gang. I promised you something earlier this week that I just can't deliver... not yet. I'd been meaning to photograph our kitchen's "after" all week, but as luck would have it it's been incredibly gray and dreary for the past, oh.... seemingly 37 days.... and the very low light just wasn't making for good photos. So I'm going to wait until the sun makes its triumphant (promised) return this weekend to ensure there's enough light to capture my kitchen at its best. And you only deserve the best, my readers! (All seven of you!)

In the meantime, I'm going to introduce a post I hope to keep running each week: Your Weekly Pins. Actually, I should call it MY Weekly Pins, because it's really just a few of my favorite things (excluding brown paper packages tied up with string) I've "pinned" for the week on my favorite time-sucker, Pinterest. If you follow me on Pinterest, chances are you've already seen these things. But if you don't, well are you ever in luck, buddy. Here are some thing's I've been loving this week:


[The famed brownie recipe from Baked NYC. I really, really have to make these sometime. Really.]

[Reese's Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bars. I think I gained 7 pounds just by looking at these. Seven delicious pounds.]

[Prosciutto-wrapped, grilled nectarines. A whole new take on sweet and salty.]

[Absolutely in love with this floor. I wish I had the balls/space to recreate it.]

[Yes, I love the bunting (and even if bunting is waaaaaaay overdone right now, I don't care. I STILL. LOVE. IT), but I'm definitely going to recreate that lovely fabric-behind-old-window thing somewhere in my house. So fun.]

[This statue thing is right up my alley: Fun, quirky and totally weird, but totally awesome. I WANT.]

[And sometimes, even after puking, keep going.]

[This is ALWAYS true. No matter what.]

[Best door entry sign ever.]

[Yes. Yes, you do.]

[Try not to die of the cuteness, here.]

[I cannot stop thinking about these wooden-framed sunglasses. I think I hate this term, but they are so eco-chic.]

[I've also been obsessed with these Bensimon sneakers. They'd be so cute with shorts or a casual dress for summer. I really love the khaki-colored ones.]

So, what have you pinned this week? 

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