BBQ + Rock + Jenga + Baseball = This is how you celebrate independence

How was everyone's Independence Day weekend? Even though it was a three-day weekend for me, it still didn't seem long enough! I took a self-imposed "time out" from home projects this weekend, just because it was so jam-packed with fun and the weather was incredible every day. (But don't worry - I've got an update for you later this week you won't want to miss!)

On Sunday, we were expecting friends over for a cookout and a trip down to PBR Fest just a few blocks from our house. Although I didn't do a whole lot of cooking, I did manage to set out quite the pre-fest spread. Turns out I went a little overboard, because only one of our friends was able to make it for the day! Oh well... more for us!

Even the German-chocolate cupcakes (which I did NOT make.... Thanks, Megan, for sending me home with these delicious treats!) were showing a little love for the US of A.

I'd also like to point out what is my new-favorite dip EVER. It also happens to be the easiest to make.
That would simply be hot-pepper jelly over plain ol' cream cheese. It doesn't look the most appetizing, but it's truly addicting. And if you want to make it even healthier, mixing plain Greek yogurt with hot-pepper jelly makes for a delicious dip, as well.

After chowing down on some serious grub, we headed over to PBR Fest, sponsored by (duh) Pabst Blue Ribbon, Schlitz and held just outside of Burnheart's bar in Bay View. We weren't really interested in the first couple of bands who played, so we opted to go inside Burnheart's for a couple rousing games of Jenga.

The bar's supplied version of Jenga was adorned with heartfelt messages from (possibly intoxicated) patrons. Some requested whomever was playing to do a goofy stunt, and others were... ahem... a little more straightforward. (DISCLAIMER: If you are easily offended, don't try to read some of these blocks too closely.)

We really had some amazing boards going, and believe it or not, time flew by as we played.

After clearly too many games of Jenga and just enough beers had been put back, we headed outside to catch the final two bands of the day: local bands The Etiquette and the Wildbirds. I'd never seen the Etiquette before, but they definitely rocked it and I'd absolutely go see them live again. As for the Wildbirds, they put on an absolutely incredible set that really surprised me. I'd seen them at a festival a couple of years ago, and while I remember liking them, I absolutely loved them this time around. If they're playing anywhere in Milwaukee (or elsewhere) you definitely can't afford to miss seeing this band live - they're a blast.

After having our faces melted off by the rock, we headed home, gobbled down some more food, and then attempted to watch the city's fireworks from Bay View's lakefront. While you could see the fireworks being shot off just a few miles north, they were still just too distant to really wow any of us, so we headed on home before the grand finale.

As for the actual Fourth of July itself, I spent it tailgating and attending the Brewers v. Diamondbacks game, although I have very little photographic evidence to prove so. Just know that I continued to eat a truckload of food, imbibed in a small handful of Jell-O shots, and then watched the Brewers blow a 6-1 lead to lose the game 8-6. Total holiday bummer. 

BUT my brother happened to be in town visiting, and he caught a foul ball!

It just landed right in his lap, essentially. Didn't even have to put down his beer....

So, as far as long holiday weekends go, this one was a definite success, jam-packed with good old American fun

How was your Independence Day weekend??

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  1. Sounds like a blast. I'm equal parts happy and sad that I missed PBR Fest - super fun time last year, but I also was overserved and paid dearly for it the next day (it was also right after Tour de Fat too, so it was a double whammy!). As for the Wildbirds, agreed. Great Milwaukee band. Saw them at Soulstice.


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