The Great Outdoors

It's been a while since checking in on all the growth in our backyard, but after almost a week straight of rain, followed by a week straight of warm, sunny weather, things are really taking shape out there! I'm blown away by how fast things are growing, especially by how quickly these little buggers started forming:
Baby Golden Delicious apples!
Growing like crazy on our tree out back! But as I'm quickly becoming aware, the apples clearly do not fall far from the tree.
Pretty soon, I'll need to get a bucket and collect all these sweet little cherubs that have fallen much too early. They're not edible, but they are adorable.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the yard, the grape vines have been joined by some saucy little friends of their own!
The grapes are sprouting and they're accompanied by some awfully puuuuurty red roses.

A happy little upgrade since the last time we checked in on the backyard (In May!):

In the past couple of weeks, we've seen beautiful hot-pink peonies come and go, and currently the real superstars of the yard are these amazing, fire-red lilies that line the back of the house.

Photos taken just after a refreshing hose shower after a hot and dry day.

Heading through the grape-vine archway, let's check on how the garden is coming along. For a refresher, here it was just few short weeks ago, in the middle of June:
And today?
BAM! Things, they are a'growin', friends.

Herb corner is growing like crazy. I have no idea how I'm going to use all that basil, cilantro and mint. Mojito party, anyone?

In the opposite corner of the herbs I've got my strawberry plants. They've started flowering and I look every single day for the next sign of little berries popping up.

Also coming right along are the cucumber plants. No sweet little cukes popping up yet, but they sure are flowering!

Next to the cucumbers, the bean bushes are also growing like mad.
And look! Tiny little beanies!

My favorite part of the garden, right now, is the banana pepper plant.
Sure, it's growing upward, and outward. But the real news is what's growing from the plant:
Ahhhh!! Tiny baby pepper! Is this not the most adorable little vegetable you've ever seen? I want to dress it in a little pepper onesie. Or... something....

And in totally head-scratching garden news, the "mystery plant" I was too excited to label after planting also seems to be holding up well.
Uhhh.... gang. Somebody help me out here: What is this plant? I promise I'll mark it correctly if someone gives me a clue!

I'm really excited about the way things are coming along outside. Though making sure everything is watered properly (FYI: I usually give everything a good hose down about every other day during dry spells) takes a little extra time and effort, it's all worth it in the end.

Stay tuned for an update on how one of the rooms on the interior of the house is doing!

How's your garden coming along so far this summer? Any bumper crops?

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