Your Weekly Pins

Another Friday, another week full of pins! Here's what I've been keeping track of on Pinterest this week:


[Never before did I think I'd ever utter these words, but this farmhouse sink is my dream sink. Big, beautiful and surrounded by the loveliest shade of robin's egg blue, this sink one day will be mine.] 

[How pretty is this room? I love the soft colors, vaulted ceiling and that tufted headboard is to die for!]

[I love this makeshift headboard out of a shelf and (gasp!) an outdoor lounge chair pad! Seriously considering using this as inspiration in our guest room...]

[Getting away from my obvious love for pastels, I'm swooning over this amazing painting by Maya Hayuk, and inspired by friendship bracelets. Loving the fearless neon!]


[Sugar cookie, chocolate chip cookie dough and cake batter. These are safe-to-eat, eggless cookie doughs, but wouldn't they be amazing used as a dip with Teddy Grahams? I'm getting diabetes just thinking about it.]

[Continuing on the eggless route, these vegan eggplant balls kind of look like falcon pellets to me (which I see all the time...) but I just know they'd be good. I'm not vegan myself (all blame goes to delicious, succulent pork), but love trying vegan foods - I'll be trying these soon!]

[Pumpkin-pie cupcakes with graham cracker cake. I'm not ready for summer to wind down, but  come fall I'd definitely like to give these a try.]


[This completely cracks me up. It is also this closest Mr. Pancakes would ever come to realizing his dream of becoming a lion. I've got to figure out if these are sold anywhere... probably for my own enjoyment moreso than his.]

[It's not so much the e-mail and bacon that got me laughing, but the "this car has everything." If only!]


[This is the reason I am incredibly uncomfortable on telephones and plenty of times when face-to-face. In real life, I actually sound a lot like an LOLcat.]


[Because the only thing cuter than two otters holding hands is a mama otter showing off her baby. Unbearable cuteness? You got it.]

Keep on pinning and have a great weekend, friends! :)

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