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Another Friday, another week full of pins! Here's what I've been keeping track of on Pinterest this week:


[From the painted log walls to the patterned sofa and even the moose head: I absolutely love this room. If I had a little cabin Up North, this is exactly how I'd want it to look. Cabin chic?]

[I found both this image and the one above on what might be my new favorite home design blog: Desire to Inspire. The homes they share are so to my taste, and this entire room just 
makes me swoon.]

[Isn't this chair fantastic? Of course, it's first appeal its chevron pattern, but it also actually looks so comfy in addition to being cute!]

[I pinned this mostly due to its fabulous color palette. I love the cool mint and bright citron pairing, and the little pop of pink from the roses adds a little sweetness. Also, check out that amazing hanging mirror to the right. I may have to DIY that at home.]

[I'm partial to any piece of furniture that's tufted or quilted, but learning that this gorgeous tufted ottoman was a complete DIY creation by a relative novice? That won me over on a whole different level. Also, I'm just loving this entire room's look altogether.] 


[Buffalo Chicken Mac 'n Cheese. There is absolutely no way this could not be delicious. I am definitely making this once Fall rolls around and the comfort-food cravings kick in.]

[Until the appliance fairy comes along and drops off my long-wanted ice-cream-maker Kitchen Aid attachment, I'm going to have to take this route: Homemade ice cream in a bag (in 10 minutes!).] 

[And just to prove to you I am actually a healthy eater, stuffed cucumber bites. These would be a perfect app for any party, no matter how laid back or fancy!]


[You're not even reading this right now because you're dead from the cuteness.]

[This one is kind of a two-fer. Totally rockin' chair (while not an actual rocking chair) AND incredibly adorable Frenchie? Be still my heart.]


[Soft enough for day, sparkly enough for night, I NEED this dress.... right?]

[By now you all know my obsession with the gray/yellow color scheme, but gray may soon have to move over in favor of royal blue with mustard yellow.]


[Hands down my favorite design blog is Design Sponge. I check it every single day and pull loads of inspiration from this site alone. I'm dying to crack open the site's NEW book and see all the gorgeousness and creative DIY ideas inside. If you order through Barnes & Noble TODAY only, you can get it 50% off! People, my half birthday is only two months away...]

What have you pinned this week?

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  1. The painted log walls are such a great idea in the first photo! It does make me want to get my own little vacation cabin to decorate. I think I want a moose head too.


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