Happy Birthday, Mr. Pancakes!

Today is Mr. Pancakes' second birthday! Well, I mean, I think it's his second birthday; the people at the Humane Society told us when we got him they thought he was born somewhere around the middle/end of August. I deemed his birthday August 22nd just because... well.... it sounded about right.

Speaking of the Humane Society, this was the photo posted on their website that made us hop in the car immediately, drive over there, and claim him as ours. Fun fact: We'd had the name "Mr. Pancakes" picked out well before we ever saw this picture, and ironically enough, his name was listed as "Mr. Goodbar" on their web site! It was fate.

Since then, Mr. Pancakes has gone from being terrified of leaving one area of the living room (it took him two days after we first brought him home to venture out farther) to moving all the way across town to a new house! He's learned how to model during photo sessions and most recently developed a love for playing fetch with rubber bands (no, seriously, he plays actual fetch).

We love the little guy, and wish him many, many more cat years ahead! Tonight, he just may be dining on Fancy Feast.

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  1. I LOVE your cat. Happy birthday, Mr. Pancakes. The end. :)


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