What I Loved Last Weekend

Since arriving home from the beach a couple of weeks ago, I feel like life has been going nonstop. Between work, visitors and our visits elsewhere, it's been difficult to get any big projects done around the house. I've got plenty of things on the backburner, but you'll just have to wait for those. I promise a big, fun project is coming up within the week, so stay tuned. 

Until then, here are some things that made me smile over the weekend:

Hinterland's Door County Cherry Wheat. On Friday, Eric and I wandered over to local drinking establishment Frank's Power Plant to wind down after a tough work week and enjoy a couple beers. I started off with a trusted Riverwest, but then was offered to taste the Door County Cherry Wheat by Hinterland, a local gastropub. Now, I do enjoy a fruity beer on occasion, but most of them are too heavy or syrupy or too overwhelmingly sweet. This one? This one was heavenly. It tasted just like sweet, dried cherries, but not too tart - it was perfectly smooth. I had two and I probably could have had a third if I wasn't worried about passing out on the walk home. I will definitely be drinking this one again.

After swigging back on a couple cherry beers, we walked across the street for a slice of pie at Classic Slice pizza
This establishment is, well, a classic around Milwaukee, but I'd never tried it before. I knew they served whole pies and "by the slice," but when I ordered my slice of Mac 'n Cheese pizza (a flavor I rarely turn down when it appears on the menu), I had no idea what was in store for me once it was served.

HOLY PIE. Classic Slice's slices are BEHEMOTH. They are not the size of your head. They are bigger than that. They are like a normal human head and a baby head put together. Topped with cheese and sauce and extras. Actually, that doesn't sound so appetizing. But I promise you, my slice was. Different from most of the mac 'n cheese pizzas I've tried, this one's sauce base was actual red pizza sauce, not a cheesy sauce. It was a nice change, though I think a cheese-based sauce wins out in the end. The crust, however, was divine: light, chewy and perfectly foldable so I could shove the monster slice into my mouth. And shove I did. I'm only partly ashamed to admit I polished off the entire thing. 

And then I came home and immediately fell asleep while watching "Jurassic Park." Partytime, USA.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to go to the Wisconsin Dells. We had a wedding there that afternoon, but wanted to get there early to take in some ultra-touristy guilty pleasures while in the Waterpark Capital of the World. Last time we were there, we didn't have much time just to walk around and take in all the glory (read: t-shirt & knick-knack shops, fudge stores and oddities museums) of the Dells, so this time around we wanted to make sure we got the downtown Dells experience. Downtown Dells reminds me of an East-Coast boardwalk - chock full of gaudy, kitschy stores hocking cheap crap you're somehow convinced you need only while in a mind-numbing state of vacation euphoria. And I love it. In fact, I think I stumbled across the greatest souvenir shop of all time: Moccasins. 
Moccasins seems like a typical souvenir shop; its shelves adorned with shot glasses and keychains, but it also had an entire display of, well, this:

I was nearly blinded by the haunting faux felines, when I turned the corner and came across the Holy Grail of ultimately awesome '80s Wisconsin Dells apparel. 
Of course, ironic '80s t-shirts have been popular for years now, but there was no irony to be found in this store. They had racks upon racks of authentic '80s clothing (you could tell by the "vintage" neck tags) that we assumed either A) Were still being attempted to sell since the days they first lined the walls of Moccasins or B) Were found in a warehouse somewhere and then brought out to the storefront. I honestly believe it might have been the former.
I'm still kicking myself for not buying this sweatshirt.

You'd be the raddest dude at Ridgemont High walking in the first day of school wearing this t-shirt.

Totally bitchin'.

The rest of our time in the Dells was fun: We ate tasty burgers, fudge, chocolate-covered bacon and attended a wedding at a hotel resort with three different indoor/outdoor waterparks, but nothing lives up to the t-shirts, so I won't even  bother getting into the rest.

Weekends out of town are always fun, but I'm looking forward to a long weekend at home where I can relax and hopefully get plenty of blog-worthy projects done. Oh, and maybe have another Classic Slice or two...

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  1. Ever see Classic Slice's calzone? If you think their slices are big, you've gotta see one of these!


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