Your Weekly Pins

Another Friday, another week full of pins! Here's what I've been keeping track of on Pinterest this week:


[I love the mix of playfulness (hot-pink cardboard deer head!) with seriousness (stacks of old books) atop this dresser. And the dresser itself? Perfect shade of gray - and those white accents are actually decals applied to the front. Love!]

[This dresser actually comes from the same house as of one above. Again, the gray/pink combo is stealing my heart. And there are those white decals again - perfect touch!]

[I love the idea of a wall full of mirrors - does that make me vain? Possibly. I know our living room is covered in white frames, but would it be overkill to put this mirror collage in the guest room?]

[OK, so I think we've established I have a thing for wall collages, but this one is to die for. First of all, that blue/green combo is killing me with cuteness. And I love how the collage is made up of so many different elements - frames, mirrors, photos, oversized letters and that super-fun sconce. Love it!]

[I am never going to get over my obsession with card catalogs. I mean, never. It is a serious problem.] 

[The Apocalypse may be upon us because this week the ONLY food item I've pinned is not loaded with fat, sugar and deliciousness. OK, so it actually is probably delicious, but also totally healthy! This Chinese chicken salad with spicy ginger dressing called to me as soon as I saw it. I'm definitely intrigued by the dressing, and can't wait to give this a try. That is, if I can give up my Crash-Test-Dummies sauce...]

[Baby penguin meets baby dolphin. I see the pictures. My mind explodes with cuteness. The end.]

[I may have shed a tear or two in this exact same situation. What? It's "Don't cry over spilled milk," not "Don't cry over NO milk...."]

What have you pinned this week?

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